Cantilever Gate Configurator

The configurator recommends our products in accordance with the required size of the gate. It calculates the required dimensions in meters or the maximum weight of the gate in kilograms, as well as the awakening forces in Newtons. If there is enough space, it is recommended to leave distance B as high as possible. This way the gate loading forces are reduced, and the service life of the gate is extended.

Cantilever Gate Calculator

         Fill in the fields according to the following data:

  • A: the lenght of the cantilever gate (this distance is 0.2... 0.4 m longer than the gap between the pillars of the gate)!
  • B: the distance of the center lines of the rollers
  • G: the net weight of the gate, including the weight of the "C" profiles and the weight of the cover as well!

Lenght of the gate in meter...
Distance of rollers...
Weight of the gate in kg.

6. kép

4. kép

1 "C" profile
2  Roller
3  End Roller
4  Lower Holder Cup
5  Upper Guide Plate
6  Upper Holder Cup
7  Ferroconcrete base
L  free gap
A  lenght of the gate console/cantilever
the distance of the center lines of the rollers
C  widht of the concrete base
D  depth of the concrete base
G  the total weight of the gate
FA the compressive force applied on the rollers
FB the active pulling force applied on the C profile