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Please note that Annex 6 / B of the VAT Act includes also the range of „C” profiles we distribute. According to Section 142 of the VAT Act, from 01/01/2015, companies have to apply the reverse taxation (method). This means that in any transaction between companies, what arises after the date of 01/01/2015, the ammount of the tax has to be declared and charged by the receiver of the invoice, not the issuer of the invoice.

I woud like to draw your kind attention to the following documents:

NAV "Information about the reverse taxation of concrete steel sales" (download), and "Additional Information for the VAT Act. 6B Annex” (download)

To be able to observe the law, we need a statement from you (download declaration).

You can find the necessary document under the Download menu.

Prior any purchase and transfer, please consult each other regarding the exact price! (gross or reverse taxation)