Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates have numerous advantages opposed to traditional sliding and swing gates:

In contrast to swing gates, they occupy a much smaller space from the entrance, because the gate rollers run in a closed system, they don’t have a direct contact with the ground, so their operation is not bothered by stones, branches, leaves or an uneven surface.

The main structure is much less vulnerable to the vicissitudes of weather, eg .: freezing, deep snow, sleet, etc.

It is not necessary to lay down running rails in the gate opening and right next to it, so a much shorter stage has to be primed (only 15-20% of the sliding gate.)

The only hindrance is that for opening this type of gate, you need a longer/extended space. Where the space is not a challenge, you should use a cantilever gate!

The unique feature of the KANO cantilever gate products is, that the roller groups are produced with advanced, tailor-made bearings (orange section).

Their extra thick tread is made of hardened chrome steel, which is as hard as a bearing!

It enables a long service life, outstanding loading capacity and running performance.