Construction advice

Terms of Guarantee for KANO Cantilever Gate Systems Please read carefully! We undertake a 2 year limited warranty/guarantee for our products, assuming that they have been used and built in properly, according to the sizing and loadability terms and adjustment requirements!

-The value of the warranty/guarantee covers only the value of the built in products!

-Always use the proper tools and safety equipments for building in the products!

-The products can be built in only by an expert!

-It is very important to fix the products into an adequatly solid base frame!

See picture 1. point 2.4.5.

-Regarding the loadability of the products, you can find the relevant data and formula in the Sizing Chart.

See attached!

-During product assembly always use properly solid, loadable and certified materials!

-The adequate adjustment is very important when building in the rollers! The bias from the horizontal and vertical line could be max. + -1 degree!

-The gate should be collided in both sides to avoid running off (the rail)!

See picture 1. point 4.

-The gate always has to be supported from the top as well!

See picture 1. point 5.

-The velocity (kinetic) of the gate must not exceed 1 m/sec!

-The gate should be examined through by an expert at least once a year!

-The gate must be sized/proportioned for cantilever loading, to keep off the slack/to avoid..

-It is strictly forbidden to stand/step on the gate or to hang anything on it!


Figure 1.

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