Purchasing Process

This website also functions as web shop. If you select a product, you arrive to its profile, and you can place it into the Shopping Cart. When ordering multiple items, you can significantly speed up the process if you use the Quick Order menu. This shop is still under construction, so for now you can pay only by transfering the money in advance or by cash on delivery. You unfortunately can’t pay by credit card yet. The delivery-regarding products that are larger than 2 meters, but don’t exceed 6 meters-require individual and specific remuneration arrangements. This can be arranged during one of our transports, for a special occasion fee, or by the Hungarian Post MPL transporter company. You can see the transport prices and you can choose this option in the Cart/Delivery Method menu.

The products you place into the Shopping Cart will be marked by a basket symbol:

If everything has been successfully selected, click on the "Shopping Cart" button in the left menu bar, and proceed with the purchase process.

1., On the Shopping Cart page you can see the products you selected.

Here please recheck your order!

2., Please sign up or log in, if you haven't done so already!

3., Please check your billing and shipping information!

4, According to the tax laws in force, please declare your taxability/tax requirements.

After downloading the appropriate document for this, please fill it in and send it back to us!

5., Please choose a transportation method, and declare, whether you accept our terms of service!

6., When you click on the "Place order" button, we receive your order.

If something has been incompletely filled in, than the site will call your attention to it!

In this case, after correction, please try again!