Sliding Gates

The sliding gate rolls on a rail, which is layed down on the ground, with the help of 2 rollers, which are fixed to the gate structure.

The advantage of the sliding gate is, opposed to cantilever gates, that it occupies a much smaller space from the entrance.


For opening the gate you might need a longer space (double/twice as much as the opening of the gate).

Where space is not a challenge, it is worth to choose this type of gate.

The gate is in direct contact with the ground, so its operation can be disturbed by ice, snow, sleet, gravel, branches or uneven surface.

The main structure is more sensitive to the vicissitudes of weather, eg .: freezing, deep snow, sleet, etc..

A running rail must be layed down in the door opening and right next to it, so the grounding must be done on a longer section this way.

If the groundwork is not adequately deep, then the frost can cause problems in case of automated gates, as it can pull off the gate from the gear, and also the rack on top of it, so continuous readjustment is necessary.